View Full Version : Purchasing a deceased man's Viffer

Ryan Hulslander
December 5th, 2001, 12:28 PM

A fellow passed away and a "friend of the family" is selling his 2000 VFR with a clear title.

Is there anything I would need to know/do in the way of paperwork or title transfer? Does his widow need to give a copy of the death certificate and her name signed on the title in his stead or how does that work? Anyone know?

I'd hate to bring the bike back from AZ only to find that I have to pester her for more paperwork on her dead husband or something.

And no, he didn't die on the bike.

Also - is there some sort of "impact fee" I would have to pay Denton County or just sales tax on the bike?

Thanks in advance!

shane carter
December 5th, 2001, 12:45 PM
The easiest thing to do is just have her sign his name on the title. Then, for your self type up a sheet stating that she is signing for her deceased husband and have her sign that. This is just a CYA paper for you to hold onto and not show anybody, unless need be. It would be kind of like a bill of sale. The DMV does not keep a death record. Just register it as you would if he was alive. If not, your going to get into tons of paper work and bull**** that you don't want to, nor have to deal with. I've bought and sold ootles of bikes and have delt with title transfer a lot. You will have to have a copy of the insurance when you go down. Just don't say anything about him being dead. It'll fly just fine.