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shane carter
December 25th, 2001, 10:00 PM
The six of us met up at 85 and 45 in Ennis. It was cold, but didn't seem to bother anyone. The first 15 to 20 miles down 85 is brand new solid laid asphalt. The turns are long and windy. Its way out in the country with no cops and no traffic. We ran a moderate 110 to 115 the entire length (could be ran faster no w/ no problem). This parts a blast for you guys that like to get the blood pumping and haul ***. Later, We had to go through a couple small towns to get to another stretch of good road. We got behind some slow traffic, one car pulling another with a chain and a wanta be cop/volunteer fireman in a rusted up ford ranger with antenas and light bars on it. We had to pass him and Mr. deliverance called the cops on us up ahead. Aparently told them all sorts of horrible stuff, like we were running people of the road, shooting our six guns in the air while doing wheelies into oncoming traffic. Needless to say there was a welcoming party waiting to wish us a Merry Christmas in the next small town. They thought we looked so cool, they wanted to see our personal pictures that the state supplies us with. Mine didn't have the letter M clasification so I cought the most hell. I guess I need to go ahead and get that done. We went through the usual yada yada yada and was free to go (no tickets). Went and had lunch, B.S.'d and was on our way again. The cops did manage to steal everyones mojo though. After we got out of henderson County, we back tracked to the first ran autobahn peice from the morning and had some more fun there. After we got back to 45, the Dallas clan went north and the ft worth clan went west. I had a good time. I think the others did as well. Good run.

December 25th, 2001, 10:38 PM
I passed a cop (didnt see him) doing ~100 on Central (on the way home) and guess what! he didnt like it one bit. But it was a coool cop day and all I got from him was a tsk tsk, woohoo, what a day. All cops south of Collin county are nice guys!

Faisal ZX-6R