View Full Version : JC Whitney

August 7th, 2001, 11:50 AM
Just got my (WAY KEWL) JC Whitney motorcycle catalog. Can't wait to get all those chrome thingies and weird add ons for my R1. I really need a set of those biker mirrors and extra foot pegs for the front wheel. ;) Oh and tons of fog lights. I was looking at a new rear stand but the one in the book is mounted backward!! How they got it on I'll never know. Oh yeah and some fuzzy dice to hang from the,,, **** where am I gonna hang these. Well at least I'll get some frilly handle bar grips (like Tam). And gotta have some of those maltice cross mirrors too.
Can't wait for UPS.

Keith Lane
August 7th, 2001, 02:18 PM
tongue.gif But do they have fake fur kits for seats and bodywork yet? Gotta have the Tiger stripe for your R1.. :D

John Orchard
August 8th, 2001, 07:30 AM
Yeah - who needs air brushing when you've got that groovy chrome **** from JC Whitney!!?? :eek: