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September 3rd, 2001, 01:27 PM
I'll paste the ride report below. To see the pictures go to the following URL in the photo area. There are albumns called Day 1 through Day 6 that have each day of the tour. Another albumn called "Second Week" has pictures from the other week I was there. Of note are the pictures from the Ferrari and Ducati Museums.

Quick Ride Report

The flights to Paris and on to Munich were mostly uneventful and I arrived to find the Edelweiss Tour Group Guide (Detlev) waiting for me along with some others that were flying in that same day. We were brought to the hotel in Sauerlach and picked up the bikes. Finally we had dinner before turning in early before our first day of riding.
Highlights: 1)Everything went off without a hitch and the people.

-Day 1 - Sauerlach, Germany to Warth, Austria-
We started out on the German Autobahn and I had the bike up to 200kmh before traffic slowed and we had to pull over and put on our rain gear. It rained lightly but it wasn't too bad and with the proper raingear I was comfortable
1) Autobahn
2) There were only 2 people and our guide, Christian. We stopped in the afternoon in Austria for Strudel. They had Apple, Peach, and Cheese. We ordered all three and shared. Wonderful stuff!
3) This was the only rain of the trip!

-Day 2 - Warth, Austria to Pontresina, Switzerland-
I rode with our guide, Detlev, and a bigger group for the first real riding of the trip. It was the first real riding because the rain held out and the roads were dry. I was still starting to get used to the bike.
1) The great roads
2) Picnic at "Heidiland" cooked by Gerd (our third guide) that was excellent.

-Day 3 - Pontresina, Switzerland to Meran, Italy-
On day 3 I rode with Gerd. This was the most challenging day I have ever had on a motorcycle and it was also the best day of the trip. We rode 7 passes and had lunch at a town called Glurns.
1) 7 passes in one day!!! Most notably Paso d. Gavia and Paso d. Stelvio (Stifler Joch)
2) Glurns was a great little town. Ask me about it in person and I will give you the run dow.

-Day 4 - Meran, Italy to Anras, Austria-
Christian was again my guide through some great roads to Anras.
1) Picnic by Detlev
2) Our first view of the Dolomites
3) The little church across the street was absolutely beautiful. I took many pictures because it was so beautiful. St. Feliciev is in a glass casket for viewing.

-Day 5 - Rest Day in Anras.... NOT!-
On Day 5 Detlev took our group out for a round trip through the Dolomites. By this day my riding skills had grown tremendously and I was having a wonderful time.
1) Roads, Roads, Roads!
2) Little Traffic
3) Very pretty split in the cliffs that was actually the old pass before they built the bridge way up high.

-Day 6 - Anras, Austria to Sauerlach, Germany
Christian guided us back to Sauerlach past the Grossglockner. I'm not sure if it is the tallest peak in the Alps or the Austrian Alps but it sure is awsome. The the ride was an easy wind-down from the trip.
1) Grossglockner
2) The weather was hot that day so we pulled off in the afternoon and had some icecream at a little restaurant on the lake then went for a swim.

I will also post a bit about the Second Week later this week. I also plan on posting a bit about the motorcycling in general or the Europe in general later.



Hood Ornament
September 4th, 2001, 03:07 PM
OMG!!!! I got wood on that first pic!

September 5th, 2001, 07:54 AM
The picture on the main page is actually from the Tour Company's (Edelweiss) web page. MY pictures of that same place are in the Day 3 albumn in the Photos section.

That is Paso. D. Stelvio (Stifler Joch), the highest pass in the Alps. The picture only shows about 20% of this pass.

As John O pointed out to me once, this is the most famous pass but probably has the worst road surface of the ones I rode. The surface was still 10 times better than what we ride here though.

The day we rode this pass we rode 7 passes in total. It was the best day of my life! :D

John Orchard
September 5th, 2001, 10:22 AM
But the other side was perfect wasn't it!?

September 5th, 2001, 11:50 AM
Not when I went. It had a lot of sand on it. What was interesting was that it wasn't a road on the other side, it was a Bike Path! It couldn't have been more than 8 ft. wide in many places! We had one section where two cars had to pass, one had to back up about 100 ft. before they could find a place wide enough.

Still it was awsome!

September 5th, 2001, 01:12 PM
Hey Mike,

Was it all riding the Alps or did you guys had some fun on the "side", tell us some "pub n club" stories!


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September 6th, 2001, 07:07 AM
Quite honestly it was mostly riding. Skirt chasing was pretty much non-existant. :(

The week of the motorcycle tour we didn't have much time to do anything but ride. Besides, we were staying in Ski villages mostly which are pretty much deserted in summer...

On the other hand one of our guides, Christian, was an interesting guy. In 1998 he raced in a Production Bike category at the Isle of Man. One night we sat around at the bar after dinner and he was telling us some stories about how he prepared for it and what it was like to race it. I'll tell you about it at the next SMR (probably won't make it this weekend).