View Full Version : 9/4 Ride Report

September 4th, 2004, 07:38 PM
I will be in Galveston tomorrow for a family reunion, so won't be able to make the SMR and thus used that as an excuse to go riding today. Actually went by Hickory Hollow thinking there was a meeting, but aparently not as no bikes were in the lot as of 11:30ish. Then it was off to Cycle Gear for a new rear tire, took it off in their lot and had them mount and balance it for me. Was thinking I'd be able to cool off and browse the cycle nick nacks while they did the mounting and balancing for me, but 'twas not to be as a damsal in distress with a flat cage tire needed assistance.

After all that fun I headed up for a run through the forrest. Very nice day for it as it turned out. Cooled off quite a bit in the shade of the trees.

Now here is something unusual, when I first did that ride, say 2 years ago or so, I was gaga over all the nice curvy roads, but today it seemed like it wasn't shi*. I guess Arkansas, the Hill Country, and the track have raised the bar on what I consider curvy. I mean, the roads actually seemed straighter than I remember. Weird. And yes, it was the same road, 149.

Caught a little rain on the way back, but had my FrogToggs, so no biggie.

Anyway, a good ride, but I'm already really looking forward to the Fall IBI and some real curves, and am envious of the crew that headed to Mecca this weekend.