View Full Version : Oak Hill Recap for Feb 19-20

The Big Spank Daddy
February 20th, 2005, 08:49 PM
We headed out Friday night after work at 5:00. Took all back roads up there. Weather was fine and no traffic and no LEOs on the back roads.

Got up Saturday morning at 7:30 to overcast skies and temps about 58 to 60. Had a light breakfast at the hotel and headed to the track about 9:00. When we got there the first thing we noticed was the large amount of people there. With inclement weather in the forecast we expected a light turn out, not the case.

We met up with Heather and Ryan and hung out in there pit most of the day for the 4 hr endurance. Rain stayed away all day and the racing was clean and mostly uneventful. We met a few new faces and made a couple more friends. After the races we went to dinner in town with Ryan, Heather and her “friend”.

Sunday morning we got up to over cast skies again but the temps were in the low 70’s. Just as we headed to the track about 8:30 it started to rain. Rain came and went until about noon. The first 5 races were held in the wet. However, the racing was clean and very competitive. After that, the wind kicked up a notch and dried the track very quickly.

The hard charger for the day has to go to Cathy White. Wow! What a performance by her all day long. She started her first race, mid pack in the novice group which was in the second wave behind the expert group. She made quick work of her novice competition and then went after the expert group. She managed to pick her way through a 20+ expert group riders to finish 12th over all and 1st in the novice class. Way to go Cathy! Whoo Hoo!

While watching the racers battle it out on the track I saw a familiar face in the crowd. I turned to Cindy and said, “Do you know who that is?” She sort of thought he looked familiar, but could not place his face and name. She said, “Am I suppose to know who he is?” I said, “Duh. That’s Ben Spies” So I went down and said hi, got a picture and had him sign my jacket. Never know who you’ll see at the races.

Then some of the DFW crew showed up on their bikes. Went by and said hi to them and visited a little bit. By now it was getting to be about 3ish and I did not want to get home too late so we headed back. Tons of LEOs all the way home on 259 and 59. Fortunately, the bird dog was working overtime and kept me well abreast of revenue enhancement devices. We made it home about 7:00.

I have some pics if someone will volunteer to post them for me.