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Louis Reinartz
June 24th, 2002, 07:59 AM
The day started early,like always.We got to the track set up teched and got ready for practice,why do we practice before a 6-8 hour race.
We sent Jon Whitfill out 1st session and all went well,we sent Logan Young out and after a couple of laps his times were coming down,than he did not come around.That crappy feeling you get closed in on us and we searched the track,there Logan was T3,low sided the bike,did a great job trying to save it and then protect it by stuffing his body between the bike and the pavement.Minor damage practice over, we had to spend time fixing the damage and telling Logan what a id..that it was o.k.,really it was and is o.k.
We got caught up in fixing the bike and lost track of time it was time to race,quick refuel throw on some gear and out Louis goes.
Crappy start puts us from 2nd row inside to dead last,missed a shift and it was over the pack was gone and I was alone,that is bad. I put my head down and fought and clawed my way back to mid pack by the end of my session.I gave the bike to Jon and he was off to put us up front.He was back in shortly,the countershaft sprocker nut had backed off,luckily it was safety wired on as well so we did not loose it. The shaft was messed up and needed work.40 minutes later we were back in the race and hurting from the lost time.
It is funny how bad luck floats around at the track,our good friends and arched enemies Robin's Roost experienced the same problem within minutes of us going back out.We all help each other out during times like this and Mike Robin had been there to help us,now it was our turn to help them.
Since the problem had just been delt with on our bike we knew just what to do and in just 31 minutes they were back on track,now I want to say you do not want to give them a 9 minute lead,they are fast!...back to the race reprt not tech report.
Jon finished his session and between Heritage Paint& Body and Robin's Roost we had given 2 finger racing a huge lead..20+ laps, the good thing was it was early in a very long race.
Logan went out and did a great job made up time and got his head on to ride fast,after his session Glenn went out and railed closing the gap even more.(side note) in the is time period there was several crashes,1 red flag and a fire very near our pit that trashed our pit box as well as our pit..back to the race.
The second round of sessions began with a blistering round of pit stops and fast laps Louis,Jon and logan went out closing in on 2 fingers racing ,the class leader and pulling ahead.
Robins Roost had done the same great job getting back into the race they now ran 1st Heritage Paint & Body 2nd and you guessed it 2 fingers in 3rd.Glenn finished stronge ,just 1 lap down to the Robin's Roost.It was a great day full of thrills chills and spills.
The final round of the series will be held at TWS and it is a national race,endurance teams like Army of Darkness,team Valvoline and other name brand teams will be there do not miss out on a great season closer.
Thanks to all that came out and helped.The post race BBQ was fun if you missed out...well you just missed out.
Louis Reinartz
Heritage Paint & Body Racing

Chris S.
June 24th, 2002, 10:54 AM
Where there only 3 teams in LSB? That sounds too easy compared to CMRA!

Louis Reinartz
June 24th, 2002, 01:42 PM
There were 3 teams,one had a 40 minute lead! :eek:

June 24th, 2002, 04:46 PM
so tell us about the fire. Was it BBQ related?

June 24th, 2002, 07:39 PM
BBQ related, yes. It was a rare cut of a 2000 GSX-r 600.

June 24th, 2002, 07:56 PM
...trashed our pit box.

Whiner. Just how many pit boxes do you think that you deserve? Would you rather have the bike burn and ruin everyones day? :eek:
You really need to get a job dude. Your disposition is getting a bit-off. You used to be more user friendly. If there is an issue buried deep under your skin, pick up the phone so we can get it out and talk about it. Can't fix what we don't know is wrong. :mad:

All in all, the spirit of racing is what drives me on. Between the Heritage team, Robins Nest, and those random hands that jumped in without being asked when we had failures. This is what racing is truly about. Thank you.

June 24th, 2002, 10:18 PM
preach it! Racing is truly a badass community ... what's yer real name there, tweety?

Louis Reinartz
June 25th, 2002, 06:05 AM
Tweety is Bob Breeno.
Tweety you crack me up! Trash my pit box during the race,kill my generator prior to the race,use up most of our mechanical skills a couple time geez man,
Working Class race report 2nd hand..
About 20 minutes into the race they are parked in T3,chain off rear brake destroyed! :rolleyes: Go to pits work..work..work..back on track,limp aroung,limp around,change riders,crawl around ,crawl around,pit..catch said bike on FIRE!!! :eek: work on bike some more,trash a couple pit boxes and then dump lower against the fence in such a way all the chemicals float onto our pits ..AGAIN!! :eek:
Go back out stagger around stagger around look for wide open space to total said race bike,pick T1 and bingo...call it a day,bike wadded crew and team load up and go drink and go home. :D
Working Class race report..second hand observation
So how did I do? :D
Now are you really going to put the 1000 on the track? :eek:
Bob,Dwayne and Pete are all great guys if you dont know us you might just think different but, we are friends :D and we do like each other. Felt the need to put a disclaimer in here in case some lurker reads this and trips out and starts to spread rumors with the other lurkers...is there a lurkers.com BBS? ;)

June 25th, 2002, 06:58 AM
Dam! I though with all of the comotion and drama in out pits you had forgot about the little generator incident at the beginning of the race. Guess not!! tongue.gif

Louis Reinartz
June 25th, 2002, 01:23 PM
Guess your right..I didn't! tongue.gif

June 25th, 2002, 01:45 PM
Louis, the Working Class race report was HYSTERICAL! LOL :D

June 25th, 2002, 02:02 PM
Next time Louise ;) invites you guys out to the races, I suggest you take the offer!

He was a generous and gracious host. It was just as he said-"you don't need to bring much of anything", beverages, chairs, shade (front-row-seats) and a fantastic Bar-B-Que following the race meant that I needed only to get my butt out there and have a great time. I brought a camera and a six-pack of barley, hops, and only the choicest oats (beer) for dessert. smile.gif

For a guy like me who is a "track virgin", I can't wait for the opportunity to experience the "freedom" of the track... one of these days.

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June 25th, 2002, 09:30 PM
Tweety's real name is a secret.
But you can call me Bob.
Since this archaic site won't let me change my profile or add a signature and the moderator is asleep at the switch, the rest of you will have to call me Tweety. That's what my phone says too. tongue.gif so there!

June 25th, 2002, 10:48 PM
Originally posted by tweety:
Since this archaic site won't let me change my profile or add a signatureYou can change your profile, and add a signature. Just click on the "my profile" link towards the top of the page. If you enter a name in the Publicly Displayed name field it will show on your post's instead of your login name. At the bottom of the profile page you will see where you can add a signature.

Originally posted by tweety:
and the moderator is asleep at the switchSorry Tweety Bob! smile.gif No moderator's here.

June 26th, 2002, 11:26 AM
Gary - tried doing all that you said the other night. Called Louis to what I was missing and why it wasn't letting me change it.
Will try again tonight.