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Louis Reinartz
June 29th, 2002, 04:59 PM
Weather sucked,we still met.
The discussion was about the upcoming event
Coastal Ride...lets do it John,Jason
TSBA MSF day sounds good need to plan it
Summer hill country"Hotter than Hell IDI" Randy is planning the route and it will be a blast!
Fall IBI we are planning on meeting up with everyone!
Track day is on would like some corner worker,more discounts apply!!
Lupus Fondation charity ride is on!
planning on a vote for officers soon,must be a member in good standing to vote.
Dues are coming due...soon,around September

Randy put on a great lunch of fajitas and all the trimmings if you missed out,you misseda great meal,good information and rebuild of a rear brake caliper.Thank you Randy for the hospitality and fine lunch.
All in all it was a good meeting more wrench and learn sessions coming soon.
This club is run by members and for it to be a success we need the members to be active,please get involved and have a say in the direction of the Houston chapter of TSBA.

The Big Spank Daddy
June 30th, 2002, 04:36 PM
Define "active" members. A look back at the plans for this meeting reveals Louis indicating that he, nor would anyone else, melt if they rode in the rain. As I pulled the FJ up to Randy's house who do I see in a lawn chair in civilian cloths? Why it is our leader and of course he did not melt because he drove the cage!

All kidding aside we had a good time, and for those who did not show missed out on a nice spread that was provided by Randy and his Lovely wife. Randy truely has a nice set up and was extremely generous with the grub and a **** fine cook.

Let me tell you, it rained realy hard while we were there. It was about a 25 mile ride back to my house and it rained all the way. I was being cheap and bought a two piece rain suit at Wal-Mart several months ago for $25 and have used it several times. On all occasions it has kept me 100% dry. For $25 I consider it a great deal. It has pockets in the pants and is relatively well constructed. It was back in the hunting and camping department.