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The Big Spank Daddy
July 8th, 2002, 06:53 AM
Met about 12 riders at Mason and I-10 and headed for 99 & 59. There we met more riders and had a total of 36 for a ride to the coast. Several TSBA regulars where there also. It was nice because Cindy and I did not feel left out because we actually knew somebody else.

My FJ freaked out right when we left Sugarland when the oil light came on about 50 yards out. I pulled it over and scratched my head. Turned out that the starter had stayed engage for some reason. I decide to not chance it and push started it the rest of the day. One guy on a Suzuki 1000 twin turned around to check on me and we rode with him until we caught up with the group on 332.

I know, "What does the oil light have to do with the starter?" Well actually the FJ does not have an oil pressure indicator, only low oil. The oil light is tied into the ground circuit of the starter circuit and I belive that when I accelerated the starter was now a generator, back feeding the oil light circuit.

Anyway, we got into Lake Jackson and had a long break at a Texaco were, of course with that many riders, it drew a crowd of unwanted attention, the law. I also forgot to mention that a LEO was sitting checking us out in Sugarland. The one in Sugarland followed me, I was the tail end, to our first turn off. The one in Lake Jackson followed us several miles checking us out really good. Thankfully everyone was well behaved and he went his seperate way.

When we got to Freeport, there was some type of miscommunication and we ended up going North of Oyster Creek. At FM 2004 we turned around and headed back to 332 and into Surfside and took a break at a local liquor store, closed, with no source of refreshment, while we all stood in the hot 98 degree sun for 1/2 an hour.

Now, I was born and raised in Houston and I've seen some hot days, but this heat was a miserable heat with 90% plus humidity. Sorry guys but I had to do it, I shed my jacket and went squid style the rest of the way. There seemed to be a bit of confusion and consenses on where to eat lunch and meet up later, so Cindy and I decided to head to Galveston on our own where we had lunch and cooled down. We then headed up 45 and home from there.

The HSR guys were all really cool. I think the unexpected amount of riders caught everyone off gaurd which made for a bit of confusion as to what to do for lunch. All in all is was a good day despite the heat.

Louis, I did take note of were we went. It may be a good starting point but the LEO population in the Lake Jackson, Surfside and Galveston areas would be a place we would want to keep clear of. Cindy and I plan on exploring the area West of Lake Jackson towards Pot Lavaca in the next several months. I'll keep you posted. In the mean time the FJ may be down for a week or two while I recondition the electrical system. I plan on rebuilding the starter and alternator myself.

Louis Reinartz
July 8th, 2002, 10:13 AM
Thanks for the report Spank Daddy!!
Glad all went well and a good turn out.
LEO's in those counties is a big reason I dont go there,but I will plan on attending the coast ride and plan on 2 up that will keep me straight and clean!!