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July 10th, 2004, 10:16 PM
Spent this afternoon and evening at Chez Chris getting a couple of bugs worked out of the GPZ. Namely the fuel guage was not working and the bike was cutting out when there was still about 1/2 a tank of gas left. Looks like the rust gremlin took a dump in my tank and clogged up the petcock and fuel filter. After a bath in the sand blaster the petcock was looking better than new. A new fuel filter from Pep Boys (not Auto Zone Cindy) and the fuel was flowing just fine.

The fuel guage was a little more challenging, but Chris was on a mission. He traced the problem to the flotation device in the tank where a tiny piece became separated causing a break in the current to the guage. A little sauder and she was good to go.

We also bled the brakes and I put in a higher output headlight. Chris played with his rear brake and jacked around with his suspension.

OK, don't really want to share this, but feel that I must. I learned WAY MORE about Chris's sex life today than I EVER wanted to know. 'Nuff said.

July 11th, 2004, 10:58 AM
Did Chris have the Enzyte Bob smile :D It's so satisfying to work the gremlins out yourself without involving the dealer, ride on.

The Big Spank Daddy
July 11th, 2004, 01:34 PM
It always feels good to save a big chunk of change when possible. Glad I was some help Charles.

Now for our love triangle story…

It must have been a real sight down at the local Radio Shack when Charles and I strolled in with our shorts on. Charles was totally dorked out with his motorcycle boots on and knee high socks. I had on my $3 tennis shoes and my $10 socks. We definitely drew a few stares. Off we go to Pep Boys for a fuel filter. Decked out in our manly apparel, we cruise the isles looking like we have no clue about what we’re doing. After making our purchase we strut our stuff out across the parking lot into our ride. Man, what a sight that had to be.

Back at the house we take a short break and swap love poems. How sweet it was to sit and enjoy a perfect evening with someone who completely understands you… ;)

More at a later date.

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July 11th, 2004, 01:58 PM
Chris, don't make me force you to wear the Gimp suit again.


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The Big Spank Daddy
July 11th, 2004, 04:48 PM
Now that's a visual I could have lived without seeing.