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March 12th, 2005, 05:47 PM
Chris and I decided to go on a little ride today. Headed out 529 to 362 to 529. WRONG choice!! Bicycles everywhere!!!! :(

We make it to Bellville after dodging countless bicyclers, only to have 3 bikes pull up next to us. Tim Vipond and 2 of his buddies! We NEVER go that way, but I guess it was meant to be.

Had a decent ride. I did pretty good - a couple of bad takeoffs going uphill, in gravel, with a steep lip from the pavement to the gravel. OK. I made it without falling or getting run over.

Make it to Fayetteville around 1 or so. Stop to chow and rest. Head out on the regular route home - but not real familiar to me as a rider, only a passenger.

Doing pretty good, until . . . Chris makes a right turn, but I didn't see his signal. OOPS!!! :eek: I knew there was no way I'd make the turn, so I opted for what I thought was the best escape route - which almost gave Chris a heart attack. I went wide to my right, which was directly in front of him. I slowed down and turned around. When I made the now left, Chris was stopped and motioned for me to pull up beside him. Uh Oh! Here it comes!!! :( "What the heck happened!!!???" "Sorry, I was looking at something and didn't see your signal." "Well, you **** near killed both of us." All the while, Tim is sitting way back, I'm sure with a smile on his face.

I slowed down so I wouldn't do it again. Began having fun in the turns. Got to Frelsburg and stopped at the stop sign to ask Tim for critcism on my corners. He said I did good, but gave me a suggestion on my right turns.

Well, through the next section of road and turns, I was concentrating on trying to do what Tim had suggested. We're in this beautiful right hander, cruising great, I'm keeping my eyes and head looking through the turn. ****! Chris is stopping and turning left! Shot right past him again!!!!

I slowed and pulled over in the grass; sat there for several seconds; and chewed myself out, then started to chew Chris out - to myself! smile.gif

I turn around, make the now right hand turn, pull up behind Chris and Tim, and tell them to take off. I'm REALLY going to slow down now - NO WAY am I going to zoom by Chris again because I can barely see his signal light.

**** if he doesn' keep slowing down so I can keep up with him. Sooner or later, surely he'll figure out I'm trying to stay way behind him. CRAP! We're only doing 45 mph! I wave Tim by, hoping he'll get Chris to move on. Chris slows down more. I wave my hand "GO GO GO!!!!" Finally, Chris takes off.

No more running up behind either of them - I make sure I'm not too close.

Tim had told us that Hurst Yamaha was having an open house today, and he wanted to stop by. So, when we got to the turn at Brookshire, we just went straight on toward Katy.

Well, we all know what a joker Tim is . . . we're driving down the road and the light turns yellow. Chris and Tim make a rather abrupt stop, probably realizing I was too far behind to make the light. Well, the jokester Tim is, he pulled WIDE across the yellow line. Chris turned and gave him the, "What's up?" shrug. Of course, I caught it right off. He was making sure I didn't rear end him if I just blasted right by Chris again!! hahahaha :D

All in all, it was beautiful day and a wonderful ride. Tim, however, did agree with me that Chris's signal lights on his Bandit are very hard to see. Looks like Chris will be getting bigger and/or brighter signal lights for the Bandit before I follow him on that again!!! ;)

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March 12th, 2005, 11:17 PM
Yeah, I ran into Tim V. on FM 359 myself. Richmond Suzuki has the new GSXR 1000 in stock and I just had to stop and sit. Nice Story. Maybe see you all out Sunday to do another route. :D