View Full Version : SMR?

March 20th, 2005, 07:53 AM
Hmmmmm.....I expected a wash out but I see sun and dry roads this morning.

March 20th, 2005, 07:41 PM
Met up with a couple of people I've met from HSN. We hit racer road and on the way back saw a guy on a ZX12 in a ditch being helped by a couple with a pickup. Turns out he was trying to keep up with a couple of other guys who just left him behind after he wrecked. Pretty sorry mofo's.

The couple with the truck were great. They had a trailer half taken up by a cow. We loaded the bike in and took him to Brookshire where his wife picked he and the bike up.

His injuries seemed fairly minor, he was wearing full gear. Possible broken wrist/hand and he was complaining of back pain which hopefully is just muscle related.

He was doomed to wreck for several reasons. His tire was nearly bald (although aside from the center strip looked brand new which tells you about his riding style), his chain had rust on it, and he was trying to keep up with riders much more skilled than he.

Thankfully he escaped without too much damage and hopefully he learns something as I know I had reinforced in me as I worked the scene.

Anyway, it was a decent ride aside from that. I hope he heals quickly and I hope the two riders that left him there read this post, I know who you are and you are both on the top of my $hit list. (No, of course they are not TSBAers but probably lurk this board).