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April 4th, 2005, 01:14 PM
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Wreck victim found dead, but motorcycle missing
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A man was killed this morning when his motorcycle crashed into a northwest Houston house, but the motorcycle soon disappeared, police said.

The man's body was found around 6 a.m. today between two houses in the 1800 block of West Gulf Bank near Donley. He had suffered major head trauma, said Houston Police Department Sgt. David Crain.

Homicide investigators and crime scene unit officers were initially called to the scene, but determined the man had been injured in some sort of traffic accident after finding broken bits of the motorcycle nearby and discovering a tire track leading up to the house.

Officers also found a spot where the man's head had hit the house. He was not wearing a helmet, Crain said.

Police determined the man had been driving a motorcycle southbound on Donley Street at a high rate of speed, then crossed over West Gulf Bank and hit the house.

After the impact, someone came along and took the motorcycle, leaving the man's body there, police said. Police were still looking for that motorcycle later today, Crain said.

Moral of the story: Wear your gear! Otherwise you'll wind up dead AND get your bike stolen!

April 4th, 2005, 09:09 PM
Northwest Houston!
Donely or Donnelly street..... :confused:
Someone who collects wrecked bikes.....hummmm?