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April 28th, 2002, 08:11 PM
This Sunday we stopped at the Brazos Belle Restaurant to let them know we are eating lunch there as part of the annual TSBA Houston WIldflower Ride....

The Chef Andre´ Delacroix said that a group larger that 20 people would be difficult for them to handle... He asked that
1. We give a body count by email
2. That we could choose something from the menu to be served to everyone instead of having the menu available.
3. No split checks, so we will need to all combine our moneys and then pay the bill.

Here is his restaurant url, please visit and vote for what you personally want to eat.

BTW, Bob suggested that perhaps we could have a good head count and select several entrees.
If this what you want then we will negotiate..

www.brazosbellerestaurant.com/html/menu.html (http://www.brazosbellerestaurant.com/html/menu.html)

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