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htown svs
September 15th, 2002, 12:40 PM
Well the ranks were sparse this morning but 3 brave souls headed out of Brookshire (Tim, Bryan and myself). It was very overcast but not so bad. We ran into a little drizzle from Brookshire to Sealy but it stopped before the turnoff outside Sealy. Not a bad pace although I was a little apprehensive to pick up my own pace due to all of the moisture in the air and on the road.

I didn't ride last week but thought I would post a warning about loose gravel going into Fayetteville where the old red asphalt use to be. The asphalt looked very fresh and the gravel was kicking up dust as we rode through it this morning. :eek:

With the weather worsening I headed back with Bryan without breakfast at the cafe. Tim rode on to College station with a passer by looking for a riding partner.

The ride back wasn't as dry as the ride there and it drizzled all the way back to Katy.

Now I have a few questions /observations from this morning's ride.

1) I know a Phoenix jacket isn't waterproof but **** the rain stings as it goes through.
2) Easy on the throttle in the rain or you will spin the rear wheel up like a dragster (I'm not the sharpest tool in the shed) :D

1) On the way back Bryan was leading and he warned he was going to ride a faster pace and not to worry about keeping up. But, somewhere along the way, he either took a wrong turn or I just totally lost touch. What should I do?
2) What I did: I went on our normal path after I lost touch with him figuring it was best just to stay to the standard path and hopefully catch up along the way. I eventually saw him in Sealy as I was stopped to call home. Hence the reason I think he took a wrong turn. Right or Wrong?
3) I felt much more comfortable in the turns and felt I could push a little harder but the voice in my head said to keep it under control. I was more worried about road conditions (and I donít mean the rain) this morning than my own ability. Is this normal or should I just give up and realize Iím a wuss?
4) How does everyone feel about wheelies during SMR. I know "to each his own" but I feel those antics shouldn't be a part of SMR because of the risk and position you but the other members in with your actions.

That's it for now and I'll hopefully see most of you back out for next week's SMR.

September 16th, 2002, 04:14 PM

1) I don't like rain and will usually want to boogie home ASAP however we'll usually still keep the group together until we get near I10.
2) If you lose touch but still know the route then keep going.
3) Pushing isn't for the street unless you like to throw your bike on the ground. Take it slow the first few weeks on the roads and learn where they go, where they may be gravel, etc. Then as you get comfortable bump up some mph's.
4) I like my steering head bearings so I'm not much into wheelies. I don't really care if people do them though as long as the spot is deserted and its a good wheelie.

Thats just my 2 peso's.

Brian Montgomery
September 17th, 2002, 01:10 PM
Gary, Just wanted to check and make sure that we have a room still. I posted that we need to share one with you. on a previous post. Hit me back....

htown svs
September 18th, 2002, 10:48 AM

Got you down for the room.
BTW. Are you heading to the drag strip Friday night this week or next? I am definitely free next friday and thought I would go check it out if you were heading out that night.