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David Beck
August 3rd, 2004, 09:00 AM
Deals Gap “Tail of the Dragon”
Let me share some of my recent experience with you.
I did the gap over the 4th of July sort of, left Houston 5 AM on Monday June 26 drove straight through to the BlueRidge MC campground in Waynesville NC. 1015 Mi. arrived a little after 10PM.

Did the skyway ride twice Wednesday and Friday
Did the Gap on Thursday up and back 2 X
Did the BRParkway Friday
Came home Saturday
Recouped Sunday
Monday holiday was reserved for consumption of adult beverages.

Yes, Very crowded during that holiday week but mostly MC and most of them very slow moving cruiser types, you will need your ear plugs for sure.

Saw very few “LEO” Most of the Gap is in Tenn. somewhat of a poor state so they don’t have DPS types hiding behind every rock like here in Texas. Because of the large population here in Texas the DPS, county sheriffs and local pigs make BIG bucks writing tickets. In Tenn. the state would go broke paying for all those cops sitting in the coffee shops during the winter months with nothing to do. Also, all the businesses in the area are tourist related and don’t want cops hassling with their income.

In north Georgia at TWO (two wheels only) the local cops will tell you that they will only hassle you for:

Passing on a double yellow. Ya, we all do it just don’t let them see you do it.
Excessive high speed. They don’t like triple digits, 99 or under they will pretty much let that go.

If there are lots of crashes and people get hurt they will demo a brief “crack down” and put up a couple of speed traps in very visible areas to send a message “slow down”. But keep in mined their are not that many LOE’s so they can’t run the 3 car set up they do here in Texas.

FYI on the skyway be aware NC mile marker 10 is a decreasing radius turn and lots have gone down at that spot. It’s not an issue going west but coming back from Tenn. to NC you will see someone spry painted SLOW on the tarmac and for a good reason!

I plan on going to NC again sort of over the Labor Day weekend, (this will be my 3rd trip this year). Leaving big H on Sept. 1 Wed. coming back on Sunday. 4th Recoup & consumption of adult beverages on Monday.

If you see a yellow naked SV650 w/TX plates in NC during at that time .. wave at me.

Oh, one last item, stop in Tuscaloosa AL. go up Jug Factory Rd. to Dreamland BBQ for ribs “Nothing like’em nowhere”.