View Full Version : Want to see how fast you can (n't) go???

August 3rd, 2004, 09:58 PM
The crash/ rescue team that I was involved with (when we actually had races to attend- way to go Lee P Brown...) has been getting active with the "Texas Mile" races.
All it is is a strip with timing/ radar traps for top speed runs. Just like the Salt Flat runs.
Here are two web sites- the NASA site is the sanctioning body.

Texas Mile Site (http://www.texasmile.com)

NASATX Site (http://www.nasatx.com)
There was everything from Buell Blasts, to Hyabusas out there- one of the 'Busas broke 250mph! :eek:
Anyway, it is a fun and legal way to see what your ride tops out at.
I won't be running the event, but plan on attending the next one for the crash/ rescue team (I think some time in October).
Anywho- Goliad is where the strip is, and it 'taint too far neither. Could be a cool road trip for a group of TSBA'ers to attend...

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