View Full Version : DFW team challange

August 5th, 2004, 02:09 PM
the DFW TSBA mini endurance team challanges the Houston chapter to a 12 hour mini race in october in Denton, TX.

we might share our pits with you, and maybe our TSBA banner, but watch out on that track! ;) tongue.gif :D

may the toughest arse(s) win.

Brian Montgomery
August 5th, 2004, 05:28 PM
It looks more and more like i will be in hell hole IL during this 12 hour race...the plant is figuring on shutting down on that day. God I hope not, I would love to ride it. What makes it worse is that I cannot wait and see on this one cause of the limit on registrations.arrrgg... :mad:

August 5th, 2004, 08:44 PM
hmm... well, i wonder if you could register, and then let someone else take your spot if you couldn't make it? it's also possible that the spots won't go like wild fire too... who knows?

that kinda sucks, i thought it'd be cool to have 2 TSBA teams there. let me know if you figure it out.

August 5th, 2004, 09:21 PM
That sucks dude. You still going to be able to go to the Gap?

It looks like some folks on the CMRA board aren't too happy the location was changed to Denton so I'm not sure what kind of turn out they will have for it. 12 hrs at Denton is going to be a long day.

Brian Montgomery
August 6th, 2004, 10:21 AM
Well everyday I talk, it looks like there will be less and less of a chance that I will get to race the 12 hour...The Gap shouldn't be a problem I think..I have to be in Mobile, AL right after this project and then Geismer, LA...and then back out to Metropolis, IL in Oct. I should be back for next weekends race though.

August 6th, 2004, 10:52 PM
the race is officially october 30th.... does that help you any?

Brian Montgomery
August 7th, 2004, 12:18 PM
No, in fact that just made it worse by changing the date further out.