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David Beck
April 27th, 2004, 03:09 PM
From this newbie. I intend to be “in the area” weekend 7 to 9. I would like to meet, greet and see y’all; perhaps someone could call my cell phone and tell me where lunch will be on Saturday.

I ride Arkansas a lot, don’t miss “de road” Rt 123 between Vendor and Western Springs. If you turn onto 123 going north on popular Rt 7 don’t get discouraged as this road will open up to new asphalt, sweeping turns and then onto a very tight section of new concrete. I love Arkansas! (I would insert a smiling Graemilin here if I knew how)As ARK. does not have “tax collectors” hiding behind every rock with a radar gun in their hand and the ever present “bend in the road”.

If you are going and willing to call my voice mail (can’t answer / talk on a cell phone and ride a bike at the same time, are you nuts or something) with the Saturday’s lunch spot, I will be most happy to give you the number at the Saturday regularly scheduled meeting. See ya there.

The Big Spank Daddy
April 27th, 2004, 08:32 PM
David, send me a personal email and we'll exchange numbers.

Thursday night we'll be at the Holiday Inn Express in Ft Smith. Friday and Saturday we'll be at the Holiday Inn Express in Eureka Springs.