View Full Version : 954 oddsandends

Loyed Hinkel
July 24th, 2004, 02:48 PM
Posted for My dad, please call him at 817-891-4495 for prices and more info.(Serious inquiries only please)

Various stuff for sale off '03 954.(traded for a 1000rr)

1)Set of traxxion front forks(setup for weight of about 215lbs.I think)
2)adjustable rearsets (Multi-techs:blk/silver)
3)double-bubble windscreen(smoke)
4)Scott's damper and mouting hardware(sold only as a set I think)
5)Almost brand new set of d208zr(120fr/190rr)
6)Micron end pipe

Stuff to hit ebay rather soon, figured I'd give TSBA first crack. smile.gif