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Ed Seaver
November 8th, 2004, 09:18 PM
Ok fellers and gals, I got a smoken deal ($400 off)on a new set of Scorpion cans for my bike and I told the seller I'd post up a sample of what he has for other bikes.
His e-mail is harleyrick007@yahoo.com and his number is 559/936/0928 He's in California.
Here goes

Bike Catalog # MFG #
ZX900 5201028 KA61550
CBR600RR 5201334 HA7910
VFR800 5201330 HA56SSR
GSXR1000 5201053 S171SSO
YZFR6 5201285 YA68CFO
FZR600 5491714 823-12A
CBR900RR 5201014 HA61550
YZFR600 5201284 YYA68SSO

That's all I got, not sure on what brands / years these are.
Hope this helps someone out smile.gif

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Loyed Hinkel
November 9th, 2004, 12:33 AM
Cans only?

Ed Seaver
November 9th, 2004, 06:52 AM
Not entirely sure, send him an e-mail and see what he has for your bike. smile.gif