View Full Version : Minutes from 13 sept 06

September 15th, 2006, 01:04 PM
8:17 PM

-P speaks about IBI
-New members fill in the membership forms; Mace Molina, Daniel Pedroza
-P speaks about ordering T-shirts
-Phands out member binders
-VP sugest wrenchnight saturday..
-P speaks about website deal.
-P speaks about IBI again
-S pulls laptop and logs to tsba.org (for RGV chapter)
-T brought the official stamp for the chapter
-P laminates membership cards
-members talked about Iron Butt
-Mace suggested to go to cameron county courses (porsche riding course)
-Acct. Balance= $302.54

All officers present plus 2 members, 1 guest, 2 soon to be members.

P= President
T= Treasurer
S= Secretary

meeting adjourn @ 9:35 PM

Secretary Alfredo Conde.