View Full Version : Nov 8th Meeting Minutes

November 9th, 2006, 01:44 PM
Meeting Start 8:11 pm

2 officer
John Alexander
Eddie Lopez

2 members
Mike Muzquiz
Mase Molina

1 guest
Stephen Hahn

- Elections coming up and our treasurer Jason Garcia will be moving to Victoria to work. Votes for Janie Estrada to run for position was approved by all members in attendance. December will decide on oficer positions.

- T-shirts ordered for all members estimated time of arrival 2-3 weeks. All members shirts will be grey unless you purchase your own. Total purchase $169.00.

- Logo and Web Hosting cost $10.00 and $10.80 paid to Brad Felmey.

-Wrench Night Saturday Nov. 11, 2006 at Mike's house.

- Border Sizzler 3rd Annual Motorcycle Rally, Nov. 18, 2006 in Mission,TX. There will be a Bike Show, Scavenger hunt, Vendors, etc. Visit www.texascitrusfiesta.net for more info.

- Scavenger Hunt in process, everyone was told to come up with some ideas of places to go and so forth.

- Christmas Party plan for either Dec. 16th or 30th. Planning on having a gift exchange. More to come on this.

- Fund Raiser- trying to get Sysco to donate meat for barbecue plates. One of our newest members Stephen will be finding this info out.

- Bank Account Balance- $212.74

- Want to try to make San Antonio's IBI, depending on when it is.

Meeting Adjourned 9:22 pm
- Logo and