View Full Version : Good News about John's Bike

April 11th, 2007, 05:06 PM
Hello Everyone
Now I hope I don't get into any trouble for telling everyone before John even gets to know but I got to talk to Brian at Yamaha. The Forks which were what we thought were bent are in fact not it turned out that it was something else and the guys at Yamaha could fix it for us. The wheel base was pushed in about 3/4 of inch which make a little BIG difference on his feel for the bike. Needless to Say that BRIAN and everyone at Yamaha are total lifesavers and we are very thankful for having great guys like Brian to help us out. So once labor gets paid off and we try and order some new casing Johns Bike should be up and running very shortly. But anyway since I don't know all the right terms I am pretty sure John will get back on here and explain everything in detail. So I am very Happy that everything is okay.


April 11th, 2007, 05:29 PM
very cool :cool: