View Full Version : Minutes for 8 Aug 07

August 15th, 2007, 10:57 PM
start time: 9:06

P talked about BBQ (printing 480 tickets for $20.00)
P writes the ticket for Jason to print.
Members agreed on Sunday oct 7 11am-3pm at Honda-Kawa McAllen, Tx. (Macy will double check)
Time, date and place subject to change.
Motorcycle show Houston Reliant Center 11-13 November.
VP talks about next yr. Concan (West side San Antonio)
Steve suggests bikefest ride in october 11,12,13 (McAllen-SPI)
Ptalked about IBI Aug 08
wrench night this sunday after ride.
8am @ Eddie's house for ride sunday.
meeting adjourn 11:00pm

members present: John, Eddie, Janie, Jason, Rick, Macy, Alfredo.