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April 28th, 2008, 10:32 AM
6 X 12 Enclosed Trailer

I do not have the title for it, I did not get it from the previous owner

I honestly never had the time to do it and just used it as it. It always got me from point A to point B (sometimes 1000 miles round trip), always cooled extremely well, never had any issues at all

Its setup for two full size bikes easily. Ive occasionally had 3 bikes in it (very tight fit)

If you buy it Ill give you a bill of sale, you can go get it tagged as a home built trailer (easy process)

The two wheel chocks are easily taken off in 10 seconds and are included with the sale

1) A/C unit cover is cracked (does not affect performance of A/C
2) The trailer could be repainted
3) The inside front wrapping is coming of could be retaped or rewrapped

Price = $2,146 obo

Call me for any questions, comments, concerns about this item Moe (832)275-8925


http://byfiles.storage.live.com/y1pYraPgTFwllhY21vcKSksfuGI6MUIT8LRM1BtXgTTsOh_XKY CQqFPUu2V_LkcQaENI20F00McR1Q

http://byfiles.storage.live.com/y1pYraPgTFwlljgRKqMMwBUU3FyNHBLJbzn_jLnTxSyyCwX8QK PRKxpoA88bNH9V9DCmiRwMp4V-KQ

http://byfiles.storage.live.com/y1pYraPgTFwllhelA0Aq2AXtHlFQVBd9xs6ACGOhBOgqNBlkku Q_6MBcvLrvm32pGnTawSxn6xJFJs

http://byfiles.storage.live.com/y1pYraPgTFwllhlbfKa95Y83W_7hFaWcg6jysLT_1kaKMLyB1E z_RhYWhY19KCgx35dMylqeV9e8oY

The A/C cover is cracked but the A/C blows cold air, the cover's been cracked since I bought it over 6 months ago and the A/C has had over 40-50 hours of good use since then, it has always blown cold air! http://www.motohouston.com/forums/images/smilies/icon_thumleft.gif

In case youre wondering why Im selling so many of my toys, let me assure you it makes me sick to be putting all these things for sale, but I must accept reality and also set my priorities right. I am in the process of buying a house in Sugar Land and need the money for a down payment, as soon as I gather that up (downpayment) and get the house, what ever things are still up for sale, I will take off and keep. I love each and every one of the items for sale (accept the POS Honda bikes http://www.motohouston.com/forums/images/smilies/wink2.gif). No I am not getting out of the sport, Ill still be endurance racing with Team RideSmart in TMGP on a CRF100 and Team Caveman in CMRA on a Ninja 636. Times are just a little rough right now and you have to give up something to get something. http://www.motohouston.com/forums/images/smilies/nod.gif

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