View Full Version : SMR 10/21

October 22nd, 2012, 11:07 AM
We had a good ride yesterday. Attendees were the same guys as last week, minus Tom and his ZX-10). Benny replaced his 848 EVO with a new Panigale.

The day started of with with Rodrigo and I setting sag on his bikes before taking them out for some fine tuning. We met Carl and the other 3 guys up in Denton. Carl led the ride. We went up to the bridge so I could do a little testing on the 848 :mischief:. Lunch took place at Doc's in Muenster.

Carl, Rodrigo, and I split off after lunch for a little more riding after lunch. We stopped by ECR and found the LATAM Challenge Series Formula 2000 (www.latamchallengeseries.com (http://www.latamchallengeseries.com)) going on. Good luck translating that website. The teams were mainly from Mexico City, Monterey, and Costa Rica (that I know about). There was even a media coverage from Venezuela's version of SPEED. Each driver buys a seat in a car. Only a few spectators. We also stopped by Dugger's man cave for a little chat. It was a good day!