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Thread: Lots of Prayers needed!

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    Last Friday night my brother in law was riding his bike in Clear Lake.. a driver of a mustang pulled out of a resturant parking lot and got nailed in the drivers door by my brotherin law.. Looks like he saw him just in time to hit his brakes and then the bike tail wagged and spun around and Tom slamed into the car with his right side. He is in the Herman Hosp. shock and trauma center.. has broken right arm.. bruised heart, all the ribs on right side broken in mutiple places, and punctured lungs, was on respirator and heavily medicated. tried to remove respirator but was not strong enough to breathe on his own so he was placed back on respirator. Your prayers are very much needed and apprciated...thanks again. and people please do be careful..

    Jim Padgett..
    2006 Hayabusa Limited.

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    I most definitely wish him well and pray for a speedy recovery. It just goes to show that ANYTHING can happen. Let's all be carefull and pray for Jim and his family.
    Chris Donnelly
    '96 GPZ1100, '93 750 Nighthawk
    '98 Ford Explorer
    Ada, OK

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    Consider it done. One more prayer link in a long chain of them!
    Arpad Schoffer

    1992 Suzuki GSX-R1100

    "...a true motorcyclist is a philosopher of the highest order-he seeks to understand the substance of life itself. The motorcycle is but a means to that end." -Martin Eden, 1997


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