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Thread: Iron Butt chase vehicle

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    Looking for someone to drive the chase vehicle on the Iron Butt ride. Rick is going to Houston that weekend but has said we can use the van. We need a driver.

    We have to have the van in Austin Sat morning to load up folks gear. It needs to follow the route, but not implicitly. As long as it is available by cell phone in the general area of the ride.

    Then deliver everything to Leaky. On Sun it will have to go to Austin to deliver everyone's gear at some point up there, Jess or Brett's house more than likely.

    Todd, I sent you a mail about Miriam doing it? Think she mght be interested?
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    Miriam says that she isn't paying for the gas that the van is going to use on the IB.

    She said that she will drive it, though, if we still need a driver.

    How early do we have to be in Austin?
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    I'm sure we can pass the hat around and make a collection for gas, that or charge a cartage fee per bag.
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