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Thread: 2007 June Fort Worth TSBA Meeting Minutes

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    Default 2007 June Fort Worth TSBA Meeting Minutes

    2007 June Fort Worth TSBA Meeting Minutes

    Location: Sammie’s BBQ - 3811 E Belknap St. Fort Worth, TX 76111-6013
    Date/Time: June 28th, 2007 - 20:00Hrs (19:00Hrs informal).

    Justin Lead Meeting

    1. Call meeting to order at 20:03 Hrs

    2. Roll call
    a. Members (Attendance count) - 11
    b. Guest introduction – 4 Guest – Cindy, Chris SV650, Kevin Busa, Brad SV650S

    3. Reading of old minutes
    a. Vote to approve old minutes - Approved

    4. Old business

    a. “RYOR” vs “The Pace” leads in to Pre-Ride talks. (Modify static page or leave it alone?) Most want to modify. Varies with size of group riding that day.
    b. Spring IBI - Great success! Limited rainfall, no accidents, no tickets, just a couple written autographs by state officers.

    5. Vice president report
    a. Statewide issues/items –
    1. Looking to create new section of BBS where everything goes,
    but officers are looking into what are the corporate repercussions. If
    there are no problems with corporate repercussions, then this issue
    would get opened to the general membership to put to a vote on
    whether the club wants it or not.
    2. Looking to create STATEWIDE BYLAWS. There is a committee
    being formed. TSBA has never had Statewide Bylaws before.
    3. Officers have enacted a 2 week rule for decisions based on
    issues that come up within the officers forum. There are certain
    exceptions, like things that need to be brought up at meetings.

    6. Treasurer Report - Carl
    a. Current balance - $****
    b. Expenses - $10 Dinner Raffle
    c. Planned expenses - $10 Dinner Raffle

    7. Secretary report - Zop
    a. Membership count (info from Carl) 30 FTW about 70 Dallas( info from Sean and Mitch)

    8. Ride Coordinator report –
    a. Issues and Incidents
    b. SMRs – Rain, Rain go away.
    c. Trips (IBI, Arkansas, etc.) – Inter-chapter ride around July 14th location
    to be determined. Thread stickied in the General section. ARK ride 7/7/7 see thread.
    d. Bike night –Trendseetters Thrusdays FTW – GooseBucks Tues Dallas
    e. Track days - LSTD is pleased to announce that they will be having our first event at the all-new Eagle's Canyon Raceway on July 16th! CANCELED LSTD Saturday track day at Texas World Speedway on 7/21.
    f. Other

    9. New business

    a. Heathers Birthday tomorrow

    10. Adjourn meeting – 20:19
    Larry Zoppi

    '11 FTW Secretary
    We now carry K&N Filters for bikes.

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    thanks for taking me off the hot seat Justin..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Roseknight View Post
    thanks for taking me off the hot seat Justin..
    I like to hear myself talk
    Justin R (member # 2296)
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