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    One of the springs on my garage door broke the other day. I called maint. and they sent Dusty over to repair it the next day. The report Dusty left on my kitchen asked me to give Dusty a call with his phone number. So I did. Dusty wanted to know if I wanted to sell my dirt bike. It's an '82 Honda XL500R that I bought brand new. It has probably 15K miles with a top end rebuild less than 2000 miles ago. About 10 years ago I cannibalized a front end off a late 80's XR250 because it slid right on and gave it a disc brake up front. Tires and chain are in good shape. The problem is, it spit me off hard about 5 years ago outside Red River NM and I haven't ridden it much since. It hasn't been started in over a year. The battery is dead and I'm sure the carb needs a good cleaning.

    So I don't have a gosh darn clue what it's worth. I told him to make me an offer and he said he'd get back to me. Dusty said his dad had several thousand acres north of town and he wanted it for him and his family to putz around on there. What would be a reasonable offer?
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    I think $500 (negotiable) is a good start for that bike, will sell for $350. If memory serves me right it had 33hp at the crank when in fighting trim.

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    BTW you can use your chain oil on the garage door chain and it makes it nice and smooth ..reduces strain on older springs..just move your motorcycles and cars first
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