Wow. Just got back from another great trip to the Big Bend. Each trip I take there is better than the last. JRed came along this time and it made the trip much, much better. He is a great rider and knows a lot of roads around the park that expanded my knowledge and appreciation of the area considerably. He also introduced me to a few of the legendary area riders and we met some new ones as well.

I was neglegent in taking pictures this trip, but JRed is a pro and he may post some up later. The trip had it's share of adventure - including a 10+ mile walk out of a river bed after getting the truck stuck - but it all makes the memories that much better.

I learned some lessons about preparedness - as in bring the right tools - and got to expand my experinece in dirt riding considerably. I finally got to run Black Gap Road and my confidence in hill climbing and line picking and general dirt riding has really taken a step up.

Next month I am taking a 2 day class in dirt/trail riding put on by Shane Watts and feel much better about taking the class after this week.

Many thanks to JRed for coming along and providing such great company - and to his wife for being such a great cook!