Wow, first full day off road in about 15 years learned and relearned
some things

1. Located muscle groups that had not been part of a routine
exercise program They were not pleased to be discovered as they had been resting comfortably

2 This is still as fun as I remember

3 Found exactly where the power kicks in on an RM250 (thanks for the Zip tie surgery on the fender Chris

4 Wow front disc brakes on a bike can slap you down in a heartbeat when you brake like you are on the street bike

5 I still love climbing hills

7 Wow I dont remember getting winded this quick

8 Glad this 2 stroke kicks over easy

9 Chris will slam his bike to the ground to keep you from running into
a spot that may cause you to hit the cases since you dont have a skid plate yet.

10. Rusty & out of shape for this but it was one of the better days on a
bike in quite some time.

11 Amazing how hard you can crack your head into a tree with a good
helmet and just keep rolling laughing the whole way because it was a good line

Had a blast, frustrated by what I remembered to do as I was doing the opposite quite a few times but had a blast, offroad will become part of
my riding from now on again cannot believe I went this long without it.

Damm a hot shower felt good on some old bones, took some advil too
just in case