I went up to Austin to ride at Emma Long City Park with a zrx buddy today. Started out around 9 and took a little warm-up lap. We started out on the main loop which is about 6 miles. I hadn't been up there before but had heard it was pretty rocky and tight. That proved to be an understatement. It made Hidden Falls seem like a relaxing cruise. It was very tight and very rocky. The trail was barely wide enough in some spots and all of the riding is snaking through the cedars. Not knowing the trail didn't help either. I didn't know what was coming around the turns and found myself without enough momentum to make it up the numerous ledges. That resulted in stalling the bike several times and falling down even more.

We took a break at the halfway point and then less than a mile later, I found out that when a radiator goes up against a tree, the tree wins. I ended up bending the bottom of the left radiator back and splitting the top seam (which was spewing out like an oil rig). My friend towed me back to the car and that was the end of my off-road excursion for the day. I didn't even finish the main loop much less some of the other side trails at the park.

That was the toughest trail riding I've done so far. I gotta work on my bike control and lines a lot more before tackling it again. Also, for the first time, the WR was over-geared. It was so tight, I had a hard time keeping my speed up. I've got a new counter sprocket coming which should help out in that area.

On the way home, my arms were as tired after 4 miles as they were coming back from Hidden Falls after 30. At Hidden Falls, I rode mostly the atv trails which made a difference. Still, City Park if pretty tiring. It was difficult enough for me and my off-road skill set that I really didn't have much fun.

Maybe with a year or so more experience under my belt....