Meeting Location:
> Blue Goose Addison Texas

Meeting Summary:
> 7PM - Met / Ate / Drank (since no one rode)/ Ate Some More
> 8PM - Meeting started (see Minutes below - bout 60 of them)
> 9PM - Meeting adjourned


1. Called Meeting To Order at 8:01 PM

2. Roll Call
> Member Attendance Count: 3
> Guest Introduction: 2 guests
3. Reading of Old Minutes skipped
> Brief Highlights

4. Treasurer / Secretary Report (Ben G)
> Current Balance:

* $700.00 and change (I was drinking)
* Prior GoDaddy Expense for multi-year paid in previous month so no hosting fee this month
* Tweener TSBA Party did not incur any club expenses

> Planned Expenses:
* Banner for Cars and Coffee (Between $50-75 was planned and only required $25 thanks to Mike N being able to run the print with another print job and help of FT Worth TSBA getting the vector graphics file)

> Membership count:
* 16
* Note: We are down 10 members from 2010 level in Dallas so members please renew if you have not already

> Birthdays: None were discussed but doesn't mean there are not any - just too lazy to figure out who they were and list them since Heather used to do this

5. Old Business

* 2010 Officers (no January meeting so officer selection handled as new business

6. New Business

* 2010 Officers Vote (The 3 and only 3 attending members motioned to extend the the 2010 officers to the 2011 year). Motion accepted; however, Mark Sneed made a motion that if a member wishes to toss their name into the hat for a 2011 position we will review in the next meeting.
* Motion to keep meeting location at Blue Goose for the next meeting. Motion accepted
* Motion to get or procure TSBA Banner for Cars and Coffee February 12. Motion accepted

7. Meeting adjourned at 9 PM