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Thread: Road and Track - Huge Thumbsup

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    Default Road and Track - Huge Thumbsup

    I'd like to post a huge thanks to Keith at R&T for his help on my suspension. I had a huge tard moment with my rebuild. After the front was done, i had less than 10mm sag in the front with the preload all the way out. I called Keith and he walked my through what my problem probably was. There was a translation problem on my instructions from english to MY english. Long story short, i pulled them, cut the spacer tube like i was supposed to and was ready to leave friday by 3 PM.

    Phone support is one of the hardest things to do in the repair industry, i know, i do it on a daily basis, and i really appreciate the help.

    Thanks again Keith, saved my bacon on this one.
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    +1,000,000 Thanks Keith for setting up my suspension last fall and checking it last weekend.. Your setup made a world of difference and enabled me to have enough confidence to make great progress on my first trackday!


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