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Thread: Cardo G4 Price Reduced $150 +paypal +shipping or local pickup RGV

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    Default Cardo G4 Price Reduced $150 +paypal +shipping or local pickup RGV

    Everythings here including original sales receipt. I bought this from Harry for $175.00 when he hung up his helmet for good. When I received it the B channel button was broken, he offered refund but since I had receipt I just sent it in for warranty repair $12.00 shipping. Cardo replaced the entire unit and I havent used it other than to test it since I got it back from them. I'm in deep and taking a loss but I decided I don't need to be talking on the phone while riding and I prefer earbuds for music.

    $150 +paypal +ship (OBO).. but I'm pretty firm I had it sold yesterday for $160 shipped pending pictures but the buyer backed out because he wanted to buy a multiset instead. This is for a single Scala Rider G4 complete with everything it comes with an an extra 1/8" right angle adapter.

    The scala rider G4 redefines the notion of high-end communication for motorcycle helmets. Encased in a rugged yet streamlined body, the scala rider G4 offers Bike-to-Bike Intercom at a remarkable range of up to 1 MILE/1.6 KILOMETERS!*
    The scala rider G4 also features a unique 4-way Intercom between two bikers and two passengers or 3-way Intercom among three separate bikers. And since several hundred thousand bikers are already using the G4, a new and exciting feature was added to allow for spontaneous intercom connections with any G4 biker within intercom range: Click-to-Link™. No need for advance pairing or any preparation. Just “Click-to-Link” and create your own roadside social network.
    As the world’s most advanced communication and entertainment system for bikers, the scala rider G4 offers Multi-Device Connectivity, including mobile phone, A2DP (Bluetooth® stereo), built-in FM radio with RDS wire connectivity to iPod™/ MP3 players, and more.
    The scala rider G4 provides Multilingual status announcements allowing bikers to maintain smooth and safe handsfree communication while on the move. The device transmits useful information regarding connectivity status to other bikers, to your mobile phone, the FM station you are listening to and more. The G4 is truly the most biker friendly headset on the market!
    The scala rider G4 is also available with a corded microphone to fit even the tightest full-faced helmets.

    Multiple Device Connectivity (“MDC”)

    Thanks to MDC technology, the scala rider G4 offers parallel connectivity as follows:
    • Intercom conference mode with up to two other scala rider G4 users and with one of the following Bluetooth devices:
      • Mobile Phone including iPhone™ or other smartphones (either directly or via a GPS device) / GPS device
      • A2DP enabled MP3 Player or Adapter
    plus: Built-in FM radio and cable connectivity to external MP3 player
    Priority Management: No need to manually disconnect from intercom or music to receive incoming phone calls or GPS instructions!
    scala rider G4 is waterproof, dustproof and certified to meet IP67 standards

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    That's a real good price for sure. I bought a powerset last month and did a review on it here .

    Good luck with the sale, you should have no problem getting it sold.
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    You'd think right? LOL, I've had a few people say they were going to buy it.. but nobody has stepped up with the cash yet. I really want it gone so I can register for MSRH on the 22nd.

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    SOLD local.


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