We all take risks at track days. That means crashes are a very real possibility. What the other guy did does appears to be wrong, and I am very sorry it happened to the OP. But...I will also bet it wasn't done "on purpose".

I imagine everyone here that has done track days or raced has done a bone headed move. I am with Tom on the payment thing. We ride around out there with people we don't know and everyone has a different perspective. This wasn't the advanced group, so all bets are off in my eyes as to who knows the "proper line". In my opinion (worthless by the way), he could have simply braked harder and got around you later. BUT, I am not him and don't know if he panicked, etc. and neither does anyone else.

I hope you heal up ok and I think it is admirable the guy is offering some "help", he certainly doesn't have to.