The Annual ZestFest is coming to town Jan 27-29th.

I know the website says 2011, but it is 2012.

Anyways, Kersten and I love to go and we usually have a couple friends with us. If you like hot sauce, spicy homemade jams, meat marinade, jerky, spicy margarita mix and sourcream dips. Virtually anything you can or can not think of making spicy will be there.

I think it is like 10$ or 15$ and you basically walk the convention center and get to try everything there. They sell drinks and have water fountains. Last time I was there, they had several liquor vendors, so I got several shots for free too! Anything that you like you can actually by. Kinda like the gun show but you get to sample everything.

If anyone if going let me know and I will look for you there, I think we will be there Saturday the 28th.