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Thread: Samsung TV/Monitor Fix

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    Thumbs up Samsung TV/Monitor Fix

    My dad has a Samsung 52" LCD TV he bought a few years ago. It got to where it was taking longer and longer to turn on. Eventually, it stopped turning on altogether. I did a Google search (Google knows everything) and found a couple of forums where people found out that some capacitors in the power supply were the culprit. Taking it to a repair shop typically ran between $350 ~ $850 to fix it. Or, you could get replacement capacitors and do it yourself. I was a radar tech in the Navy so replacing some caps was no big deal. The forum even listed what values were the most common to replace. I went to an electronic parts place in town and got what I needed. About $6 worth and went out to the folks.

    Put the TV on a bed and took off the back. Took off the only circuit board and found where the power supply section was. Inspected the components and sure enough, several caps were bulging out on the top. A few had started leaking a little black stuff too. I un-soldered the old ones and replaced them with new ones. TV fired right up and has been working like it should ever since.

    Last week, dad decided to look at a Samsung computer LCD monitor that had stopped working and had been replaced. Sure enough, it had a few bulging caps as well. I picked up new parts (again, about $6 worth) and went down there yesterday and replaced them. Monitor fired right up.

    So, if you have a Samsung flat panel that stops working, call me and I'll come haul it off for you. I won't even charge you too.
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    Good post Carl. Yep, a large majority of the repairs that we make in house are nothing more than replacing (or shotgunning) 'poochy' caps. We see this a lot in powersupplys, but also on computer mother boards and stuff like that.
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    Good info and thanks Carl!
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    Wow! Carl has another career! TV repair!

    We were wondering about in home TV repair now a days. Used to be they'd come to your house and fix your TV. What do you do now? Go buy a new one, or do they actually come and do repair?

    Our LG has been experiencing an intermittent problem.... when you either start it up, or shut it off (more when you shut it off) it will loop itself through turning on and off, on and off. Stays on long enough to get a picture, then shuts off for maybe 5 seconds, then starts back up. It will continue to do this for as long as it likes, sometimes a couple three cycles, sometimes you have to unplug it and leave it for later because it won't stop cycling.

    Hasn't done it for a while so maybe that whack up side the head (TV's, not mine) did some good?

    Make house calls Carl?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Inlaw1 View Post
    so maybe that whack up side the head (TV's, not mine) did some good?
    In the bizz we call that a "technical tap".
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    Good thing I went with the "cheaper" panasonic years ago.
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