Well I got your attention!

In the last year we (Deborah and I) have had to borrow a trailer a few times to take our bikes to track days and for her work as an MSF instructor. So we went out and bought a 5' X 8' trailer so we could keep our friends and not borrow anymore. But the neat thing is I could now go do an idea I have had of not using canyon dancers and straps to hold down our bikes. There are about three different companies that make them out their but I wanted to be able to hold down both bikes at once and or just one if I needed to.

So here are the details. Both of our bikes have hollow axels. One side is bigger than the other. Since I have a lath in my garage I turned down some 6160 T6 to fit in both sides and have a hollow center. I did the same for front and back. What you see in the pictures I have thumb screws that hold them in place on the shaft. Not a good Idea so those are gone now and I'm using a clamp collar to hold them in place but I don't have pictures of that.

I used it for the first time to go from San Antonio to Bryan/collage Station (TWS track day). About 4 hour trip. The Bikes did not move an inch. I did have the issue with the thumb screws but you donít know unless you try.

Take a look and tell me what you think. I'll answer any questions.