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Thread: Galaxy S III or iPhone 5?

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    For those of you/us connecting to secure wireless networks and using Cisco controllers and AP's the iPhones (and iPad) can be a PITA with constant updates needed to keep the **** things connected to the network. Apple just doesn't want to play nice with enterprise environments. Much better suited for coffee houses and college campuses. Not to mention a bug in iOS 6 and 6.1 nearly killed our exchange environment (notice the 2 iOS updates that came out back to back?). Their support offerring? $10K a day or a $50K Enterprise agreement. They can stay at Starbucks and get to step'n out my environemnt. yes...I'm bitter.

    So we picked up some of the new Note II's for testing. Went with them instead of the S3 or waiting for the new S4 due to the form factor for productivity reasons. So far loving it and the battery is lasting from 5am to 9p with 25+% remaining. That's with lots of phone and mail usage and set to vibrate with the camera flash blinking for notification during a ring. I love the notes and stylus for jotting notes during a meeting. the convert to text function doesn't work so well due to my handwriting but I've gone paperless which I really like. I've not filled up my on board storage but have some 64GB microSD's coming ion to see how well they work. Another feature I really like is the pages that show what apps are using your data and what apps are using your battery. So far very impressed overall and will likely be pushing my users towards the Androids (after more testing) just b/c of the flipping support issues with the iOS devices that are obviously geared towards newbs and bewbs (stolen from an apple hater forum).
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    I like my I Phone but others are good too,its kinda like ZX10 vs. R1, its what you prefer to use.


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