Well Amigos, a new chapter in my life awaits. I've accepted a position at a company in Denver and will start at the begining of March. I'll move up the last week in Feb and will hopefully nail down an apartment by then.

It is a bittersweet move, the opportunity is very good and Denver is Denver, but leaving my family and friends behind is very tough. The last couple of years have been a challenging period for me and I've been less active in TSBA as I've dealt with these challenges, but I still value the comradarie and good times we have shared over the decade that I've been a part of this group.

I will be in touch with my contact info once I'm settled and look forward to having my fellow TSBA'ers come up to visit and check out the twistys and dirt paths in Colorado.

I'll probably set up a shin dig to say goodbye to my family and friends towards the end of Feb and will post up the details when I've got them.