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    Default TSBA Ride Etiquette

    Just a reminder that TSBA chapter rides are open to all members and guests (prospective members). Current members should already be familiar with our ride proceedures and guests should familiarize themselves with these proceedures before deciding to ride with us. The main TSBA website gives plenty of guideance about who we are and how we ride...if you are unclear, please go there for clarification.

    Here are a few simple, basic rules that you should understand...
    -Riders MUST wear the appropriate gear...PERIOD!
    -Rider's bikes MUST be properly maintained...PERIOD!
    -Riders MUST respect the group and the ride leader by:
    -Staying with the group unless you notify the ride leader.
    -Do not pass other riders in the group unless 'waved by' by the rider in front of you. This means no blasting past the rider in front of you. No dive bombing someone in a corner, etc.
    NOTE: Riders know to wave a faster rider by when it is safe to do so.
    -No passing the ride leader unless waved by. If you want to lead a ride, post it up and lead it...SAFELY!!!

    It's just about that simple. If you want to ride like an it somewhere else. We don't want anyone on a ride who is a danger to themselves and the other riders around them...and if you can't follow these simple guidelines, don't bother showing up.
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    Absolute a perfect post PL. it's good to see this kind of a reminder.
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