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Thread: 2012 Triumph Street Triple R for sale

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    Default 2012 Triumph Street Triple R for sale

    I know I haven't been around much lately but my life has gotten a bit turned upside down over the past year. Anyways, I have just finished finalizing the divorce and need to get rid of my bike, if you know anyone that is looking I am unloading it for a great deal, more or less pay off my lien and it is yours, I have it priced at $6950 right now, and here is the craigslist link with pics and some more details on it, it is closer to 1800 miles than 1700 as i ride it a bit every weekend to keep it in good running condition and all.

    Thanks for looking, and feel free to call or text me:

    Randall: 210-882-6527

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    Sorry to hear about this Randall, on both counts. Hope you can get back riding soon.
    Gary Stoops
    '01 CBR 929RE
    '06 FJR 1300A


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