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    This month marked the 20th anniversary of the passing of a beautiful person that was loved by everyone that met her. Heather Howard was one of the original members of the Austin TSBA and she left this world too soon. But she is not forgotten by many, including myself. I rode up to Austin with some good friends the other day, stopped by the Oasis restaurant for a lunch and then went to the memorial site for Heather. The cross is, of course, weathered, but in remarkably good shape considering it's 20 years there. A testament to Brett Murdock and his hard work getting it placed there in that ground that is solid rock.

    I'd like to think that Heather knew we were coming and offered us a spectacular day for riding. Perfect temps, no humidity, no clouds. One of the days we live in Texas for! We reminisced about Heather, her bright red boots she always wore, that practically matched her hair. We said a short prayer for her and all our lost motorcycle friends. It was a good day.

    Remembering Heather

    I hate photo bucket! I'll find another hosting outlet and get the pics up.
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    A beautiful tribute, Gary.
    Brad Felmey


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